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Designer: Folake Majin

The Folake Majin label is named after the head designer of Schon Afrique. As Schon Afrique grew to include other designers from the Majin family it became necessary for the first designer to have a fashion line that was separate and distinct from the other designers. The label features beautiful, classy designs made to stand the test of time.

Designer: Gogo Majin

The GM4FM label creates clothes and accessories for women who want african inspired designs with international appeal. The label was founded by Gogo Majin. The designs are distinctive with painstaking attention to detail using a unique mix of African print, lace, silk, aso-oke and duchess satin.

Designer: Patigi Majin

The Miss Majin Label is a fashion line under Schon Afrique. It features creative, beautiful, dramatic and extravagant pieces for individualistic people with high taste in fashion.

Our Gallery

Have a look at the media here in our gallery representing all the brands under Schon Afrique.

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